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Water and Wastewater


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In Progress


PC13,180,667AbadehTehran Sahab Consulting EngineersFars Province Water and Wastewater CompanyPurchase and implementation of Lot 1 Abadeh sewage network1
In Progress2016EPCC1,350,067KazerounAnhar Jonoub Consulting EngineersFars Province Water and Wastewater CompanyConstruction of Kazeroon sewage treatment plant2




  1.Procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of Abadeh main sewage networks and substations


Abadeh city is one of the cities of Fars province of Iran. The city center is Abadeh.
According to the Census of 1395, the total population of this city was 100,831.

The present project is related to the implementation of the Abadeh Zone 1 sewage network funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

General Description:

1. Providing, loading, transporting, unloading and storing pipes, fittings and all other requirements for manhole and pipeline implementation

2. Run trenches or tunnels, install pipes and manholes and perform necessary tests

3. Lay the pipe under the river bed and run the concrete cover around it

4. Use of video cameras in sewer lines according to operating unit instructions

5. Preparation headstock and asphalt repair of drilled sections

6. Installing Home Branches