HSE - QC and QA

Health, Safety and Environment(HSE)

The mission of the HSE unit of the Aras Company is to preserve human resources, equipment and the environment by promoting a culture of safety and applying international safety standards and guidelines to prevent and reduce accidents. Identification of hazards, risk assessment, and the implementation of pre-incident control measures are the most important targets in the HSE of Aras Company.
The company has already done the 15,000,000-man-hour project without any risk or hazard.



QC & QA  

Following to our Vision to Build a Leading World Class Organization Capable of Managing & Implementing, Mu ltid iscipl inary Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects.
we are committed to:

  1. Adhering to all Specifications, Requirements and Quality standard Agreed upon in Contracts.

  2. Remaining Unflinching Focused on the Objectives of its Quality.
  3. Abiding by Relevant National & International Laws, Regulations & Standards.
  4. Implementing a Continual Improvement System.