Project Management Office

Companies seeking more efficiency and tighter monitoring of all projects are opening project management offices (PMO) in growing numbers. In this regard, the Aras Engineering Group has set up a PMO Office in this organization.
A management structure which obliges to handle following terms terms:

  • •    Define & develop management methodologies.
  • •    Evaluation of the projected based on the excellency model & performance
  • •     Establish a knowledge managment system.



1.Training and applying specialist project managers

2.Define and formulate project management processes

3.Proper leadership and guidance of projects

4.Archive and restore project records

5.Overview of projects and project management processes

6.Applying past project experiences to future projects

7.Review project records and summarize relevant results

8.Preparing and monitoring project reports

9.Organizing and facilitating project meetings

10.Project planning and follow up

11.Define and monitor project cash flow

12.Define and allocate resources to projects