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Aras Engineering Group

Aras Engineering Group is a fully private joint-stock company which has been established in 2003 with the aim of implementing major EPCF & MC projects and also transferring new technologies of oil, gas & petrochemical industries, water and wastewater treatment and steel industries. Aras is a well-known brand in Iran and we have 15 million man Hours per year working capacity. Head quarter office is located in Shiraz - Iran and we have 1 branch office in Tehran.







The technical staff of the company specializes in

Project management services, refinery and petrochemical,

Oil and gas, facilities, equipment, water and sewage and transmission lines.

Aras Engineering Group is currently one of the largest companies

in Fars province in terms of professional staff, technical information, and office facilities.


In the year 1393, AB RAH SAZEH JONUB Company started to register ARAS as its own brand and this name has been registered as brand of company in the Official Document Registration Organization.





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