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Water and Wastewater


Execution DateType Of ProjectAmount ($)Project LocationConsultantEmployerProject SubjectItem No.
2016EPCC1,350,067KazerounAnhar Jonoub Consulting EngineersFars Province Water and Wastewater CompanyConstruction of Kazeroon sewage treatment plant1



  1.Kazeroun city Wastewater Treatment Plant


Sewage is a serious threat to the environment and groundwater resources, however, the water discharged from wastewater treatment plants can be used in agriculture. Given the fact that most wells in Kazeroun city are mainly dry, the use of appropriate effluents from this treatment plant in this area is considered as a big step forward to feed aquifers and irrigate the lands of the region.


Kazeroun city wastewater treatment plant is the first treatment plant with the new DPMC (Dual Power Multi Cellar Aerated Lagoons) process in the Country, and is being built at a cost of 200 billion IRR. This treatment plant on a 12-hectare land with an average capacity of the first module of 17,100 cubic meters per day (population equivalent to 91,500 people) and an average capacity of two modules of 34,200 cubic meters per day ، treats the final capacity of the project that is 183,000 residents of Kazeroun city .

Saving 21 billion IRR in construction costs, doubling the treatment capacity and 2 years reduction in construction time are among the benefits of using the new process (DPMC) in Kazeroun city treatment plant.