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Oil and Gas


Item No.
Project SubjectEmployerConsultantProject LocationAmount ($)Type Of ProjectExecution DateProject Status
1Supervision services for the sulfurization of oil, gas and isomerization And side units 

Shiraz Oil Refining Company

-Shiraz Refinery1,220,633MC


In Progress

Implementation of Petrochemical Utility of Masjed Soleiman

Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Company

Paravar Engineering Company


Masjed Soleiman19,785,633EPCCF


In Progress
3Gas supply to the villages of Kermanshah provinceKermanshah Province Gas Company

Gamasiab Consulting Engineers



In Progress


1.Supervision of oil, gas and isomerization and auxiliary units sulfur discharge monitoring


The subject of the contract is to provide consulting services for oil, gas and isomerization units of Shiraz Oil Refinery.

The specifications of the plan are as follows:

Unit design capacity: 6500BPSD

Process technology: Isomerization

Feed flow circulation: 6500BPSD

Project scope: Oil and Gas Sulfurization Unit and Naphtha unit isomerization


2.Implementation of Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Utility

Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Complex, consisting of urea and ammonia units, is located on 400 hectares of land in Zilai area of Masjed Soleiman city.

Under the development plan, the area will be expanded to more than 1,000 hectares

Aras Engineering Group is in charge of financing this project, Modification and completion of elementary engineering, Perform detailed engineering services, Supply of materials and equipment, Perform construction work AND Ensure on-site pumping station and water pipeline with nominal capacity of 2000 cubic meters per hour to transfer water from 2000 cubic meters to Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Site, Single-circuit overhead transmission network 33 kV required for this project and OFFSHORE project from Lali City's 132kV substation to an onshore pumping station, With the transfer of technical knowledge and Implementation of road protection plans for access to the pumping station for long term safe and proper operation

 3.Gas supply to the villages of Kermanshah province

The subject of the contract is gas supply to the villages of Kermanshah province and the six districts of Bayangan, Biashush, Kharajian, Deh Sorkh, Firooz Sar and Zakaria Castle.

The project involves gas distribution operations to more than 50 villages in Kermanshah province.

 The overview is:

Provision of station building construction for the installation of CGS pressure reduction stations

Provision of station construction for construction of urban flatbed TBS pressure reduction stations

Steel Supply Network Executive Operations

Operation of the PE network