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EmployerConsultantProject LocationAmount ($)Type Of ProjectExecution Date
1Investment and construction of NaCN production plant

 Iranian mines and mining industries development and renovation organization


Persia Aras Consulting Co. Shiraz Special Economic Zone25,000,000EPCF 



plant and

Ab Rah Sazeh Jonoob Persia Aras
Economic Zone
of Shiraz 
 7,000,000 EPCF  2023

















1.Investment and construction of NaCN production plant

The main aim of this plan is to produce sodium cyanide in the form of briquette , the purity of 98% and a capacity of 6000 tons per year using ammonia gas method. Investment is planned for the construction of a plant in Fars province,  Iran. The production capacity is based on the evaluation of  domestic market in cyanide consumption for the process of Gold mining. Given the fact that it is the first time sodium cyanide is produced in Iran and considering the easy access to primary feed in the region, it is obvious that with the implementation of this plan and upon reaching the product, Iran would be no longer dependent on imports of this significant and primary reactor. As a result of this, the excess costs in terms of chemical protection on the one hand and the sanctions imposed on the other,  would be removed and consequently the cost of gold processing units would reduce.

Consumables include city gas (methane), ammonia , air to provide oxygen in the primary reactor and sodium hydroxide, as the main reactants  and sodium hypochlorite, sodium carbonate , calcium carbonate and sulfuric acid in industrial grade as sub-reactors.

 By-product of this plant is Ammonium sulfate which is used as fertilizer. The production capacity of Ammonium sulfate would be 2500 tones per year


2.The plan to build a factory for the production of EDTA and related derivatives with a capacity of 5000 tons per year


In order to optimally use the facilities of the sodium cyanide production plan and diversify the products, the EDTA production plan and related derivatives are included in the company's future plans. In this plan, liquid sodium cyanide is used as the main feed. The products of this project will include EDTA, EDTA-2Na and EDTA-4Na, which are currently only supplied through imports. The use of these products includes a wide range of industries, the main of which are water and wastewater treatment industries, detergents and sanitary materials industries, etc. With the implementation of this plan, not only the country will not need to import these products, but also the export possibility of them will be provided.