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1Installation of Ghaenat steel smelting plant equipment

 Iran  International Engineering Company

BARSOO Engineering CompanyGhaenat4,642,166PC


2Carrying out civil operations of Ghaenat steel plant smelting unit

 Iran  International Engineering Company

BARSOO Engineering Company




3Carrying out civil operations of Ghaenat Steel Factory Rehabilitation Unit Iran  International Engineering Company

BARSOO Engineering Company

Ghaenat 386,847PC




Ghaenat steel project


Ghaenat Steel unit as a strong production and industrial centre in South and East Khorasan  can provide conditions for strengthening other industries. This project, located in South Khorasan province, 40 km northwest of Ghaen city, was established with the aim of producing, 800,000 tons of steel per year in different periods. This centre has two major sections of reduction and smelting.


The goal of Reduction unit :

 Midrex Direct reduction method is applied in Ghaenat Steel Plant . The direct reduction unit of Ghaenat Steel Complex aims to convert pellets into sponge iron to charge the electric arc furnace of the adjacent steel unit. The grade and amount of iron in sponge iron is between 84 to 95%.


The Reduction unit includes:

 The most important parts of this unit are: material handling unit, reduction furnace, reformer, recuperator, chimney, briquetting unit with a nominal capacity of 104 tons per hour of sponge iron and design capacity of 110 tons per hour of sponge iron.


The purpose of the smelting unit :

Sponge iron produced in direct reduction units (whether gas or coal based) is actually pure iron. However, to be applied in industry, construction and manufacturing of other types of products, sponge iron must be converted to steel to obtain the necessary mechanical and chemical properties .

In Ghaenat steelmaking , scrap or sponge iron is smelted in electric arc furnaces.

During the operation process of the smelting unit using electric arc furnace method , raw materials received from the reduction unit cause the production of various steel grades, ribbed concrete reinforcing rebars, different types of commercial steel sections such as studs, rods and belts, special quality rod grades used In the automobile and oil industries,a common source of steel melt supply for mini-bars producing rods or sheets.