Core values


  1. Observance of professional and work ethics
  2. Adherence to national and international laws and regulations
  3. Commitment to protection of the environment
  4. Having profound knowledge of modern technology
  5. Social responsibility
  6. Paying attention to the quality and continuous improvement of systems and processes
  7. Superior performance in all activities and compliance with quality standards in services
  8. Providing job opportunities and participating in the economic improvement of the country
  9. Valuing teamwork and collaboration
  10. Appreciating creativity and innovation
  11. Emphasis on knowledge and behaviour-based organizational activities

In an organization that is truly value-driven - MBV value-based management is current - and the only management that exists is value management based on those values ​​which the organization has set for itself. In such an organization, all plans, decisions and operations in the organization are guided and led based on values.


      Aras Engineering Group has a set of values ​​such as honesty, integrity and respect for people. The staff certainly believe in the fundamental importance of trust, flexibility to changes, teamwork and professionalism on which they base their actions.