Project Management Office

Thanks to diverse nature of its projects, Aras Engineering Group, has set up and developed a Project Management Office (PMO). All the necessary standards in this field have been achieved by designing methodologies, processes, procedures and instructions required for running the project management office as well as the establishment of mechanized systems.

The project management office also tries to update and optimize its goals by periodically auditing projects and organizations involved in the projects.

All items are designed and implemented in the form of an integrated management system and based on the latest methodologies in the world.

Accordingly, the company systematically and constantly monitors and controls its goals and operational plans by designing, formulating and implementing its strategic plan in a complete and detailed manner and establishing a portfolio management system.


Project Management


 A brief description of the activities of Aras Engineering Group in PMO unit include:

1. Training and employment of competent project managers

2. Defining and developing project management processes

3. Proper leadership and guidance of projects

4. Archiving and retrieving project records

5. Reviewing projects and project management processes

6. Applying experiences gained from past projects in future projects

7. Reviewing project records and summarizing relevant results

8. Preparing and monitoring project reports

9. Holding and facilitating project meetings

10. Planning projects and doing follow-ups

11. Defining and monitoring projects’ cash flow

12. Defining and allocating resources to projects