About Us

Aras Engineering Group

 ARAS Engineering Group, is a leading construction company established in 2003 in Shiraz, Iran providing engineering services such as design, supply and procurement, construction, operation and finance, having experience in sectors including oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical, water and wastewater, steel and related industries. ARAS Engineering Group values sustainable development, respect for human resources, promotion of innovation and preservation of the environment and its virtues.



The major goal of ARAS Engineering Group is to satisfy employers, by presenting

competitive offers, providing appropriate design and engineering services and creating

desirability in three main factors: Quality, Time and Cost of implementation of projects.

The main policy of the company's staff is deep commitment and attention to meeting

the needs of employers




With the effective use of decent and efficient human capital, Aras Group tries to be a leading company along with its other competitors by providing all contracting services in the fields of oil & gas, water & wastewater, facilities & equipment and roads & transportation.

Aras Engineering Group

ARAS Engineering Group is your single source partner to assist you in "Building Tomorrow Now". Quality engineering is the foundation for trouble-free implementation of the complete process chain.Today, for the most efficient productivity, quality engineering is absolutely necessary for those companies that wish to be globally competitive.